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  1. um, YES!! I want one.. or can I have two? I want a heart AND the saying, lol!! I was just thinking that those would be perfect to stick on the corner of the bathroom mirror where my hubby stashes his toiletries :)p.s. thank you again for the book suggestions… I gave some VERY direct hints to DH that I want one for my birthday. So hopefully soon I’ll be coming to you for help with my novice calligraphy, lol

  2. i only know as much … i only know as much french as dave mustaine has taught me and it must be: lah fin dooh mond… the end of the world. also, could we add ‘soy sauce’ to the flavor stylings of micro-brews and the like? Was this answer helpful?

  3. Claudia scrive:Finalmente ho tra le mani Delicatesse e La delicate!! Il rossetto a prima vista mi è piaciuto ma aspetto a provarlo, idem lo smalto! Peró mi piacciono entrambi!Off topic: ho appena trovato in profumeria Beige e l’ho acquistato, era insieme a holiday, pirate, rouge noir e mi pare Coromandel..Nei prossimi giorni lo provo e vi dico!!

  4. Ma Pan świętą rację, że kolejne dziecko pozwoli uniknąć pracy, potem kolejne. Co z tego, że poczęte w zamroczeniu alkoholowym,( przez to, późnie,j całe życie chore), państwo i tak zapłaci.Żyjemy w szalonym kraju. Wracajmy do komunizmu- powiedział znajomy.

  5. Obama is more of a MacGuffin. He's the briefcase in "Pulp Fiction" that glows but is never shown to the audience. He's whatever people want to project on to his blank slate. He's like the alien artifact in the movie "Sphere" that makes real any thought that pops into your dream. Like Nixon he believes in nothing and will say and do anything to get what he wants. Presidents come and go Israel persists.

  6. Andrea, non ti ho ancora fatto i complimenti per la partecipazione alla puntata di Rete4 su Padre Pio.Ottimo come sempre.A parte questo, non sarei troppo malizioso sulle coincidenze temporali.Altrimenti dovremmo valutare così anche la nomina di Ambrosio a Piacenza, certo non determinata da una Messa tridentina, ma si – potrebbe pensare – “aiutata” e perfezionata da simile, obbediente tempestività…

  7. Tes photos sont un voyage dans le temps et dans nos souvenirs enfouis… Sublime moment où l'on parvient sans la moindre difficulté à sentir le parfum des châtaignes grillées. Merci Mathilde pour cette évocation qui parle à mon coeur d'enfant. brigitte

  8. Qual deles?Citador aka Anónimo aka Anonimo aka Carlos aka Wikileaks aka Citador aka Wikileaks aka Anónimo1 aka Wikileaks aka Luís aka Calhordas aka Chico da Tasca aka Joaquim aka RDoiro aka Anónimo1 aka Amilcar Fernandes aka Manuel

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  12. Yay, new shades! I’m so happy you included Rose Hip in the swatches, I have this one so I can get a better idea how it compare to the other colors!CrystalCandy recently posted …

  13. I’ve come back and looked at your photo again. Amazing! All the birds in that tree (I see they are red breasts… are they robins?) What a sight. Of course, they’re eating the fruits, aren’t they? Something I just didn’t seem to register the first time I was here. Good that I came back, often it takes several looks to get something… esp. with a slow reader like me.

  14. [31] JJ,“Personally, only 3 reasons to go to NJ, catch a flight, catch a football game or dump a body.”Amen. Why d’ya think I am getting out of dodge?Though personally, I like the Brig. A lot. If I could airlift the entire town (well, maybe not the entire town) to SEPA, I’d be happy.

  15. Ã…rh, hvor jeg ogsÃ¥ bare hader at være sÃ¥ syg!Men det outfit er virkelig lækkert, men jeg mÃ¥ indrømme at første gang jeg sÃ¥ dine støvler her pÃ¥ bloggen var jeg slet ikke vild med dem.Men nu, hvor du worker dem sÃ¥ lækkert kan jeg jo kun elske dem!God bedring 🙂

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  17. As ususal, you nailed it. But for me, there are no more options, and I'm afraid that is now true for America. We have finally been buried by the ideology of greed, avarice and collectivism, and our nation is on its death bed. It's time to bury what was once the light in the darkness, and move on to other places that have the potential to mimick the once- great United States of America. Ron

  18. I think families need to do what they’re comfortable with. I grew up getting dressed up and trick or treating. My hubby likes old horror movies. We don’t celebrate the evil parts, but its fun to participate in the fun things. Some churches do a thing called “trunk or treat” where families volunteer to decorate their cars and the kids go around the parking lot and get candy. It can be like a mini carnival. I think Christians can be creative and fun with it while setting a good example for their neighbors.

  19. the same thing about Arkansas when they joined. All is well, now. In two years no one will care except the KU “entitled” crowd. You’re gonna get killed tonight just like Kentucky. You have one player one decent player this year.Hey, was that Miz-zou that just destroyed California last night?Was that Dickie V. doing a game long recruitment infomercial on Miz-zou?See ya at the yearly beatdown Saturday KU fans.

  20. hands on assists: yes please! I’m lucky to assist my mentor’s class once a week (she’s an ahhmazing rockstar of a teacher) and her students are very receptive to as much assisting/enhancing as they can get so I get an hour and a half every week to work magic on these incredible yogis…it’s such a fun experience. I recently took an entire weekend-long teacher training module on hands on asana assists for my RYT500…it was the best weekend of my life

  21. I’m so glad you’re posting again. I miss European crows. I’d always thought it was a bit of fancy when I’d read in continental fairy tales and novels about crows croaking. Everybody knows crows caw. And then I moved to France. Turns out those writers were not so fanciful after all. American crows caw, but European crows croak. I miss their voices.

  22. Reblogged this on and commented:I think in this case that Allen was innocent because the fingerprints didn’t match. In order to be guilty you have to have all evidence leaning up to the offender. If the evidence in the house doesn’t match the victims I don’t understand how the person could have possibly did it. I do think that some attorneys don’t give the victim a chance to declare their innocence they just automatically think that they did it. Or they interrogate them so much that the victim doesn’t think they have any other choice.

  23. Let's see now … holder breaks laws …. holder is AG of nation … WE should be subject to stricter gun control laws. Personally, I think the sequence should be: holder breaks laws …. holder goes to jail …obama pardons him … Delta Force and SEALs take obama and holder into custody and transfer them to Guantanamo, where the CIA uses them to teach waterboarding. holder, you can eat fugu and die.

  24. da hast du recht, das viertel ist echt schön und nett im gegensatz zum rest von paris ich bin immer noch nicht in dem statús erst mal nicht mehr nach P zu fahren, weil die stadt und die pariser mich echt angekotzt haben :/ schön ist es, aber unnett… vielleicht hatte ich auch einfach nur pech und hab andauernd schlimme menschen getroffen :/ ich übertreibe hier nicht, es ist wirklich so gewesen…

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  28. Colin – Yes, you’re right — if you had two independent photons you also have three possible outcomes. I should clarify the text. The point was to emphasize the difference between this case and Figure 3, which shows a classical [i.e. non-quantized] wave. Depending on the details of the obstacle, there are an infinite number of outcomes for Figure 3, whereas no matter what kind of window you put in Figure 6, you only have three possible outcomes.

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  34. There’s a coincidence, my sister works in a shop in Oundle! Aren’t the red kites awesome? I love it up there, I can sit in the garden and just watch the birdlife for hours.That’s interesting about the swallows, I wonder where their youngsters built their nests. I’d imagine they’d head back to the same area they were born in.

  35. I think part of the fun of the Crichton formula – something horrible happens in secret and is quickly hushed up after it’s resolved – is that it lets us not only imagine that it could happen, but that maybe it already did! He was a great storyteller, which is what I think he was going for, and the movies made great use of his stories to show off their towering, special effects monstrosities (I’m speaking, of course, of Jeff Goldblum). My eight-year-old daughter loves Jurassic Park. However, she openly roots for the T-Rex. the kid loves dinosaurs, what can I say?

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  39. Happy Birthday, Renee!Up until about 10 years ago, I was always thought to be quite a bit younger than my age. I think I now pretty much look my age, unfortunately. But I still feel so much younger. And you have nothing to worry about. Very well written, my friend.

  40. I love to browse your Pinterest boards especially “The Actual Quilting!” for inspiration and found the hint for the blog tour and give-away there. Thank you ever so much for including all of us outside the US – as it’s ever so hard to find your magazines and publications locally in my neck of the woods.Rena

  41. I love how the Democrats come on here and just blast a Republican anytime they say something. It also amazes me that the Republicans never bring up the last 20 years of Democratic control in this city and what that has given us in return. I can't really think of one thing. Can any of you?

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  43. he saw that she was the one for the job… people have to get together to help our country.. and be adults about things.. but i stand by him wit what ever he dose hes going to make a great president..cant wait to see him in that white house

  44. “My problem is with the assertion that they further sanctification. At best it’s an awkward way of describng the role of rules.”Well if the rule for husbands to love their wives does not further sanctification, what does it do? Sanctification requires our active participation or obedience. We have to have something to obey–a rule, a law, a command. One cannot be sanctified without conforming oneself to some standard which is stated in a proposition.

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  47. Yes, exactly! I find myself wondering how much it would cost to go to Montana for half a week. It could happen!That’s a great idea, Milli! (And it will probably go better than the park articles I wanted to write. I just can’t muster the enthusiasm for them.) I’ll definitely go back and re-read your previous article–probably several times. Thanks for the inspiration, Milli. You’ve got me all excited! ~L

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  61. Oh wow. I love it. Even though I hated that ride. It’s the only ride I’ve ever ridden that truly made me knock-kneed. And afraid of the dips a plane takes in turbulence.But I love your analogy. I wish I could get rid of my fears and live life with such abandon like that. Something to work towards.

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  70. This money, this pork is nothing but a pay off for past support. Our money is going into the pockets of special interest and favored groups of voters. I suspect that for each dollar going out to “stimulate”, ha! the economy only a cent or two goes to that while the rest is sucked up by a chosen few—mainly the political fat cats who live off the stupid tax payers who keep re-electing the politicans who keep feeding the pork to the fat cats while the stupid voter just complains about how corrupt the system is. What a GD mess things are in.

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